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Smartphone Sony Xperia E5

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  1. Showroom18
    "Xperia E5 Showroom18 Review"
    Pros - The screen quality is good for a lower end device and has nicely presented help guides, icons and menu animations.
    Cons - The Battery does not last as long as previous Xperia Phones from the E series. The better quality screen is what drains the battery.
    Taking everything into consideration. The Xperia E5 is more about presentation than overall performance. It has the look and style similar to the premium Xperia phones.

    The presence of Sony is sort of absent when it comes to the hardware like in previous models. There is less of their own first party apps and Xperia integration in things like contacts, the option of lens and Sony apps to use with the camera and other programs.

    You can still download some of these things from the Google store and in terms of games you can play the lower to medium games with out issues. There is more internal space with this model than the previous phones.

    I would say this phone is better suited for anyone that is looking for a better display that prefers the the style of the phone all for a more affordable price. Music works great with headphones and there is plenty of support for new users.