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Smartphone LG K4

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  1. Showroom18
    "LG K4 Showroom 18 Review"
    Pros - Light to hold, it is easy to grip and is quick at loading up apps the camera, flash light and getting into the phone quickly.
    Cons - There is very little space to start out with. You are left with around half of the amount advertised. The screen can be a bit smaller for people with longer or bigger hands.
    After spending some time with this I feel the LG K4 is for someone looking for a smaller and lighter phone for general use but still with access to android applications for social media, web and email applications and casual games music.

    If you do a lot of messaging and have longer or bigger hands based on my experience this phone might not be the best paring for you.

    Ending on a positive the Simple Home feature and the price range makes this a option to consider as a first time android phone.